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NEPTUNIAN SKY MARINE ACCESSORIES - Memorial Day Sale "MemorialSale24" at checkout

BILGE-B-DRY Triple Pump

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Note: We will have multi-pump units back in stock on June 1st.

BILGE-B-DRY is the world’s only Smart Device enabled Dry Bilge System on the market!  Enjoy simple installation and customized scheduling control at your fingertips with our Mobile App for Apple or Android devices. Due to size and placement, traditional bilge pumps cannot remove the last few inches of excess water that accumulates in your bilge.  With BILGE-B-DRY, you will finally be able to eliminate cabin odors, reduce mold or corrosion and protect your electrical wiring by removing every last drop of water from your bilge. Combined with our newest innovative product, EVACUATOR+ , your cabin will be odor-free and your bilge will be the driest and cleanest at the marina!

Why choose BILGE-B-DRY?  Take advantage of:           

  • The world’s ONLY Smart Device enabled Dry Bilge System on the market with customized operation.
  • An efficient, reliable method to remove excess bilge water on all boats, including stepped-hull boats where water sits forward of the “step.” Use BILGE-B-DRY after washdown, heavy rain or sea spray accumulation, rough seas, untreated leaks, etc.
  • A compact pump design for easy installation in tight or awkward spaces in any orientation (horizonal or vertical)
  • An environmentally friendly low-profile bilge water pickup design with a proprietary filter system
  • Configured to automatically cycle (5) five times per day for (2) two minutes if you decline Smart Device connectivity.

BILGE-B-DRY connects to your Smart Device (if desired) through the free Mobile App on the APPLE & GOOGLE PLAY stores. Customizable operation is at your fingertips with two options:

  • Run the “TIMER” option up to 20 minutes after boating in heavy seas or upon washdown.
  • Choose the “SCHEDULE” option for five customizable run times during the day, up to 20 minutes.  This is a great option if you will be away from your boat for a few weeks.


With your Smart Device, schedule your BILGE-B-DRY to run at 9:00AM for three minutes and again at 3:00PM for two minutes. The schedules will run daily until cancelled.  If at 8:00PM you still see water in your bilge, run the on-demand Timer for up to 20 minutes to remove the remaining water. 

BILGE-B-DRY is available in four 12vdc pump configurations:  (24vdc requests by special order)

  1. Triple pump (3 motors/diaphragm pumps - 18 feet of tubing for pickup, 6 feet for discharge provided)

Included with your BILGE-B-DRY purchase are low-profile bilge water pickups. Our uniquely designed low-profile bilge water pickup with an integrated filter helps reduce harmful overboard discharge of heavy metals, solids, and petroleum. Place the pickups wherever you wish to remove water, such as the lowest part of your bilge, A/C evaporator or hard-to-reach compartments. Twenty small holes along the bottom of the pickup provide a debris barrier. If water flow is reduced, this area can easily be wiped clean. The pickup’s integrated filter contains a proprietary blend of materials to prevent damage to the BILGE-B-DRY pump and to reduce oil discharge, which unlike other dry bilge systems, eliminates the need for a secondary filter.  Note: large amounts of petroleum (oil or diesel) will quickly saturate the pickup filter material and impact flow performance.

For optimum performance of your BILGE-B-DRY unit, replace the low-profile bilge water pickups when flow rate has decreased.

Installation and Warranty (PDF)

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